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Comfortable and highly assessable, long sleeve shirts are always in fashion. And whether they are for men or women, these shirts seems to thrive in all areas of life, in every section of business or play, and for every age. Long sleeve cotton shirts for men can come in stripes, gingham, plaid or solids. Well-tailored long sleeve shirts will be seen at a business meeting, in a restaurant, or on the golf course. This is a fashion that always thrives and is always “in, ” no matter what the rest of the fashion world is doing.

Labels such as Nautica and Calvin Klein offer shirts for both men and women in a huge array of styles and colors. Women’s long sleeve shirts might be designed in a long sleeve floral print or a versatile, polyester button-down. Men’s styles can range from the traditional, such as a white dress shirt, to a white collar and French cuff on a wildly colorful shirt. Long sleeve button down shirts can be black, orange, red or any color in between. No color is off limits for a stylish shirt. Long sleeve polo shirts are also available for good-looking casual wear.

And another wonderful plus about long sleeves is that this shirt is not regulated to just adults. Many children’s styles have good-looking shirts with long sleeves. From long sleeve tees and sliders to dress shirts and long sleeve blouses, the variety for children is as wide and varied as it is for adults.

So, when building your wardrobe, it is good to remember that long sleeve shirts are always a correct choice and can blend with, or add to, any fashion trend. Whether an autumn colored silk shirt for women or a vibrant red work shirt for men, these shirts are always great choices and always available. Be sure to peruse the many selections that await you when shopping at Macy’s.

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Naw - not many international restaurants...

2004-07-05 12:04:35 by anoncoward

There is a great vietnamese place and I remember just one sushi place but many restaurants are the 'strip-mall' type - there are a lot of strip malls in Austin. In fact, it is more or less, strip mall heaven. If you live in a suburb such as concord or walnut creek or similar, and enjoy it, then Austin may be for you...
About the heat, it is bad, but you get used to it. And it is never the sticky humid kind of heat despite what some people say - I drove a car w/o A/C and wore long sleeve dress shirts and never broke a sweat. If people want to talk about humidity, try the midwest in August at 90% - sheesh, 40% humidity in Austin is NOT humid

Thanks, assholes

2005-09-16 15:38:02 by arealanswer

Wear, like, chinos, casual dress shoes, and a standard, chamois-type (or what are those blue, light-denim-type shirts called)shirt--you know: standard, non-wrinkled, long sleeve, nice button down shirt.
But don't button it up all the way.
Think "Casual Friday."
"Creative, but won't be snorting coke in the supply closet."
And tell them your whole thing is to adopt the tone of whomever you're writing for. That's always the key thing to say for an editing gig.

Rifflandia preview: Corb Lund  — Victoria News
But other than that they speak the same language, the food's the same, they dress the same. It was the weirdest thing." Such statements, while far from PC, do stem from ...

Max calendar  — Jacksonville Daily News
Participants will meet at Hammocks Beach State Park in Swansboro and are asked to bring their own binoculars, water and a snack and to dress appropriately for the weather. The program ... Both fees include a Cycling for the Coast t-shirt.

New West Allis clothing store to cater to people with disabilities  — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
But toward the end he couldn't dress himself, and Sherman took to buying sweat pants, then cutting the elastic bands out of the ankles so his father's caregiver could more easily get them on and off. Which helped spawn a business idea: A ..

We're a young couple in our 30s but we live like it's the 1950s  — expressandstar.com
However, as he rolls up his shirt, he reveals sleeves of tattoos which are a homage to a bygone era.

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  • Avatar funskaterwest What Clothes are good for the basis of a men's wardrobe?
    May 23, 2007 by funskaterwest | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

    I was just in the army for 3 years and upon getting back into things, I've realized that my wardrobe could possibly use some updating. I have
    -2 pairs of jeans (AE bootcut, and Old Navy Mechanics).
    -Camo Ar …ont cost obscene amounts of money but will fill out my wardrobe? I really want a good basis to work off of. Clothes for casual, and clothes if i wanna dress up a bit and want to go out.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Maybe try some cool new staples for your wardrobe, that accent it, because it sounds pretty good so far! maybe a trendy jean jacket with a few patches sewn on (your favorite bands), then, maybe a nice pinstripe jacket a gray one always looks good. Sambas are awesome shoes, maybe try a pair of converse, sure, a lot of people own them, but you can't beat a pair of all black low tops! they look great under dark jeans with a cool button up top!

  • Avatar Kimberley What kit/uniform is issued at Harrogate Army Foundation College?
    Aug 16, 2013 by Kimberley | Posted in Military

    A bit of a weird question, but I was watching videos on YouTube of harrogate and was wondering what uniform do you get issued? I want to go to harrogate next September (can sign up for the army in 6 weeks 😀😀) so just curious.

    • 3 x MTP Shirts
      3 x MTP trousers
      2 X MTP Smocks
      2 X Berets
      2 X Green wool knit jumper
      2 X Green lightweight trousers
      2 X Green Lightweight shirts
      2X Cream long sleeve shirt …ers)
      5 X socks
      2 X PT Shorts
      3 XBrown Tshirt
      1 X Respirator
      1 x haversack
      1 x contact gloves
      1 x leather gloves

      Full exercise kit inc. burgen, webbing etc.

  • Avatar Amer What is the difference between a class A uniform and class B uniform in the Army/?
    Mar 18, 2012 by Amer | Posted in Words & Wordplay

    I'm not talking about how we don't wear the jacket with the class B. Though is that the only difference? Or is there something special with each other? I'm in Army JROTC.

    • The Class "A" ASU includes the army blue coat and trousers/skirt/slacks, a short or long sleeve white shirt and four-in-hand necktie (male)/neck tab (female).

      The Class "B" ASU includes t … is based on the Army's current dress blue uniform and will replace the white, blue and green service uniforms.

      Paratroopers are authorized to wear the black combat boots with the new ASU.
      more here: