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This is Dario,he works at Cesare Attolini. one of the top sartorial clothiers in the world.
When I look at this photo the first thing I notice is the perfect jacket/sleeve cuff ratio but the second thing (and maybe more subtle but equally important) is the perfect length of the shirt sleeve itself.
Similar to what we do to pants,most men in America wear their shirts sleeves with way too much extra length in the arms.
If you notice Dario’s sleeves hits right at the base of his wrist without having the shirt cuff buttoned.
I know a couple of guys in New York that like to do the “cuffs unbuttoned thing” but they wear the sleeves too long so it makes them look like the shirt doesn’t fit correctly.
I also think this way of wearing your shirt sleeve gives a very subtle illusion that makes a person look taller and more lanky. Think about it,tall people with long arms rarely wear sleeves that are too long ,their sleeves ride up on their arms a bit.I think it is something we see everday but don’t really notice.
Charlie Rose is a perfect example of this.
I watch his show sometimes and I think the way he wears his shirts looks great and gives him a heightened sense of lankiness.
Maybe because I am more of a muscular,square shape that I’m always on the lookout for things that might,maybe,possibly give me just one once of “lank”.
I’d kill for a little lank.

It is one thing to see a guy standing still with a perfect sleeve length but it is another to see how the sleeves should look when you are actually “in-action”.
When I was reviewing my Milan photos I found one of Dario (on the right side of the photo) working an appointment. See how the slleves ride up a bit but still looks great and is very subtle.
This must/should be a fancy watch-wearers fantasy fit for shirts.
Below is an example of another guy I shot on the street in Milan that wears his shirt to the benefit of his watch.
As a side note,notice how the back blade and front blade of his tie sit side-by-side. I have seen this too much in Milan to think it is done by accident.

Don’t be afraid to print this post and take it with you to your tailor when you are having suits jackets or shirts fitted.

Source: www.thesartorialist.com

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