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Q: What's the difference between ripstop and twill weave?

A: Both twill and ripstop refer to specific types of fabric weaves. Ripstop weaves are specifically designed to resist and reduce tears and abrasions while twill weaves are the most pliable and minimize the appearance of soils and stains.

Ripstop is a type of plain weave with coarse fibers ribbed at intervals designed to resist and reduce tears and abrasions. Basically, it stops rips. Its lightweight and sturdy characteristics boast both wind and water resistance. Originally designed for parachutes, ripstop is the military clothing weave to demand when extreme durability is priority No. 1. The unique checkerboard pattern of ripstop fabric is not hard to miss.


PROPPER PROPPER F530138 Adult's Tactical Dress Shirt - Short Sleeve Battle Rip(R) 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton Ripstop Black XX-Large Regul
Apparel (PROPPER)
  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Ripstop
  • fused pocket flaps and collar
  • banded collar w/ sewn-in collar stays
  • box pleat front pockets w/ flaps
  • enclosed badge tab

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2013-02-25 20:08:11 by Frog_Barf

Microsoft is congenitally unable to produce a secure OS, as has been demonstrated time and time again ever since PC's went online around 1995.
Where does the problem lie within Microsoft? That's a very good question - but I doubt even Steve Balmer has a clue what's wrong. Some suggested problems:
1. MS marketing has way too much say in what they do.
2. MS lacks a sufficiency of unpleasant old men in short sleeve dress shirts who have the authority to say "No, you are NOT going to do that", have it stick, and aren't afraid to say it.
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  • Avatar funskaterwest What Clothes are good for the basis of a men's wardrobe?
    May 23, 2007 by funskaterwest | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

    I was just in the army for 3 years and upon getting back into things, I've realized that my wardrobe could possibly use some updating. I have
    -2 pairs of jeans (AE bootcut, and Old Navy Mechanics).
    -Camo Ar …ont cost obscene amounts of money but will fill out my wardrobe? I really want a good basis to work off of. Clothes for casual, and clothes if i wanna dress up a bit and want to go out.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Maybe try some cool new staples for your wardrobe, that accent it, because it sounds pretty good so far! maybe a trendy jean jacket with a few patches sewn on (your favorite bands), then, maybe a nice pinstripe jacket a gray one always looks good. Sambas are awesome shoes, maybe try a pair of converse, sure, a lot of people own them, but you can't beat a pair of all black low tops! they look great under dark jeans with a cool button up top!

  • Avatar Kimberley What kit/uniform is issued at Harrogate Army Foundation College?
    Aug 16, 2013 by Kimberley | Posted in Military

    A bit of a weird question, but I was watching videos on YouTube of harrogate and was wondering what uniform do you get issued? I want to go to harrogate next September (can sign up for the army in 6 weeks 😀😀) so just curious.

    • 3 x MTP Shirts
      3 x MTP trousers
      2 X MTP Smocks
      2 X Berets
      2 X Green wool knit jumper
      2 X Green lightweight trousers
      2 X Green Lightweight shirts
      2X Cream long sleeve shirt …ers)
      5 X socks
      2 X PT Shorts
      3 XBrown Tshirt
      1 X Respirator
      1 x haversack
      1 x contact gloves
      1 x leather gloves

      Full exercise kit inc. burgen, webbing etc.

  • Avatar Amer What is the difference between a class A uniform and class B uniform in the Army/?
    Mar 18, 2012 by Amer | Posted in Words & Wordplay

    I'm not talking about how we don't wear the jacket with the class B. Though is that the only difference? Or is there something special with each other? I'm in Army JROTC.

    • The Class "A" ASU includes the army blue coat and trousers/skirt/slacks, a short or long sleeve white shirt and four-in-hand necktie (male)/neck tab (female).

      The Class "B" ASU includes t … is based on the Army's current dress blue uniform and will replace the white, blue and green service uniforms.

      Paratroopers are authorized to wear the black combat boots with the new ASU.
      more here: