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Indochino was founded in 2007 by Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani, two college students who were having a hard time finding suits that fit. During their search, the pair stumbled onto one of the great secrets of the apparel world: Expert tailors in Shanghai will custom-make men's clothes for a fraction of what you'll pay in the West. (If you happen to be visiting China, don't forget to pack your best suit; you can get replicas made for about $100 each.) The firm has since expanded into shirts and pants, and it's raised a bundle of venture-capital money in the process.

Vucko and Gani have spent the money well. I found Indochino to be the best-designed of the sites I tried. It features better photos of the clothes and a more intuitive process to customize your selections. I was particularly fond of the site's measurement wizard. There are many measurements that go into making a shirt—not just neck and chest size, the main factors in off-the-rack shirts, but also your stomach, bicep, and wrist circumference, and the length of your shoulders, sleeves, and torso. For each of these steps, Indochino has a very helpful video showing you exactly how to take your size. (You should have someone else measure you.)

On the other hand, Indochino has a smaller selection of shirts than the other retailers I tried. There are about three dozen fabrics, and too many of them are in muted, middle-manager shades of blue and white. The site allows you to customize your shirt in a number of ways—there are eight different collar and cuff styles, and you can have the shirt monogrammed. The other sites, though, allow for even more customization, like different pocket styles and the option to add contrasting fabrics on the inside of your collar and cuff. (Indochino will only let you get a contrasting outer collar and cuff, and only in white fabric.) Indochino's return policy is also slightly less generous than other firms'. I did like its Perfect Fit Guarantee—the company will give you up to $75 to have your shirt, pants, or suit altered by any local tailor—but if you want a refund (say you hate the fabric you chose), you've got to send back your order unaltered within seven days of receipt, and you've got to pay for shipping.

All that said, the shirt I got from Indochino was beautiful. The fabric was soft, the tailoring expert, and the fit just perfect. It was fast, too: From start to finish, my shirt took two weeks to get to my door.

J. Hilburn
Shirts range from $79 to $159; some customization options cost extra. My final shirt price was $154. Made-to-fit trousers start at $125.

Like Indochino, J. Hilburn was founded in 2007 and has also attracted a ton of venture capital money. But J. Hilburn's founders were cut from a different cloth; they describe themselves as "a couple of Wall Street guys with a passion for custom-made dress shirts and for the way we felt wearing great-fitting clothes." As a result, their shop is a much more luxurious affair than the others.


1. Men shop less

2006-09-25 20:38:40 by --

Most men dont like to shop, most men don't shop nearly as often as women, some women actually have to buy their men clothes otherwise the man never would. Compounded with the fact that styles don't change too much and most men probably don't care about being in style, you, as a retailer, have limited opportunities to make money, I guess you could put it.
You may not know this, but you can have custom made shirts for starting at around the same price as a shirt off the rack at Nordstroms.
Also, next time you go out to eat and check out the hetero couples. See the woman all dolled up and cute and see her slob boyfriend who doesn't respect the dress code, her, restaurant - yeah, he doesn't shop or have clothes, he's my evidence.

Maybe not right forum - Custom clothing?

2005-07-26 07:00:50 by mgitaville

I sometimes have a very hard time finding clothing to fit due to ebing 5'9'', but in particular I am going back to a more casual dress at work and will be in pants and jeans a lot, but must be in a collared shirt - my problem is that most female shirts don't have sleeves long enough. The other problem is that while I am thin I am a D cup so need a larger top but then never form fitting around rest of body(not trying to be whiny about my body...wouldn't trade it, so don't blast me) - just trying to find out from others whether they have ever had custom clothing made.
Wondering if it would be worth the price to have tailor made shirts or to get a good fitting men's shirt then have the sides taken in to form fit it better

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North Korea's Designer Knockoff Industry Cranks Out 'Ri Sol Ju Style'  — Radio Free Asia
North Korean men are getting in on the fake designer wear trend alongside the women, with male college students in Pyongyang paying 100,000 North Korean won (about U.S. $10) for tailored-fit dress shirts, he said. “Imitation clothes like men's pants ..

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  • Avatar fawaka_02 Where can I find Slim Fit dress shirts at a fair price?
    May 26, 2006 by fawaka_02 | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

    I'm 5'8 155 ibs, so dress shirts are way too baggy in the sleeves and waist. Thus, I need slim fit shirts for under $50 which rules out having them custom fit. I'm aware that H&M have athletic fit shirts for $40 - does anyone have any other suggestions?

    • Try this shirt from Macy's. It is $45.

  • Avatar santanas15silvia Looking for decent dress shirts under 100 dollars?
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    I am looking for slim fit dress shirts for work. What are your opinions on these brands for dress shirts? Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, Express, H&M, Van Heusen, J Crew?

    • Express, Kenneth Cole and J. Crew are great brands for dress shirts. My boyfriend also loves Armani Exchange.