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Rounded collar shirts are a great example of masculine emulation for the sake of classic menfolk's appearance. The round collar dress shirts appear best on thin or skinny faces. Whereas men with round faces should evade wearing round collar shirts, because the curved lines of round collar prominent the roundness of face.

Cerise understands the importance of round collar dress shirts; our highly specialized shirt makers make sure that the round collar dress shirt stitches proportionately. For instance, if you have a bit long neck, you will be provided with a slightly longer collar due to your long neck.

Also the rounded collar is one of the most famous dress shirt collars to pin. A collar pin sits beneath the tie, griping down the points of collars and thrusting the necktie knot up & out. Due to its shortness, pinning also helps keep the points of collar flat on the dress shirt. Contrasted with a custom tailored suit, the appearance of round collar will be classic, stylish, different, and exclusive.

Normally men may get cautious or shy about the idea of wearing round collar dress shirt because it is not a very popular collar perhaps because of its uniqueness. But being a stylish round collar dress shirt you do not need to be shy. If your face shape is suitable for the round collar shirt, simply go for it. Men who wear round collar shirts get second glances. Wear it with al stylish collar pin, and you will certainly get observed by people who never noticed you before. Round collar dress shirts are an excellent selection for an elegant and well-dressed man's closet.

Cerise offers you a wonderful opportunity of designing your round collar dress shirts at highly affordable prices while being at home. Now you do not need to go out anywhere to look for new fashions and design since Cerise has made everything approachable for you.

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French Toast School Uniforms Long Sleeve Dress Shirt With Expandable Collar Boys White 3T
Apparel (French Toast School Uniforms)
  • Machine wash, Imported
  • Long Sleeve Dress Shirt with Expandable Collar(Size 2T-4T)
  • Cotton Polyester Blend
  • Long sleeve dress shirt with Wrinkle No MoreTM fabric.
  • Front pocket, expandable collar and round cuffs

This is the most lax dress code ever!

2009-08-18 16:12:11 by honestly_thats_it

So you are complaining about this dress code?
blue jeans sized to fit
denim pants basic colors or optional colors (assuming school colors)
sweaters worn over approved shirts
sweatshirts/sweatsuits plain or school logo
shirts plain or school logo, short or long sleeved , with or without collar.
Skirts or skorts
blouses plain or school logo, short or long sleeved.
blue jeans sized to fit
denim pants basic colors or optional colors (assuming school colors)
sweaters worn over approved shirts
sweatshirts/sweatsuits plain or school logo
*Apparently no blue jeans at high school level*
That is the easiest dress code

How many buttons will depend on the shirt--

2010-08-09 08:27:02 by --

Usually it will be the collar, plus one or two, depending on the shirt. i think you will look more professional with a casual button down rather than t-shirts. do long sleeves, rolled up. shorts sleeves often look dorky. you don't need a t-shirt underneath unless you are wearing an old-fashioned dress shirt.
consider something like this, and this is a good guideline for your buttons:
or this:
you will probably find that a shirt like this is actually cooler than a tee.

You can dress plain and look average

2010-05-21 15:08:37 by stache

Instead of poor. Thrift shops are great for this. Think polos or no collar shirts that button a bit instead of a plain crew neck. Whatever you wear needs to be in good shape and fit fairly well. No stains! Get a decent belt or even a few. Look for a trendy messenger bag on sale. Keep your shoes clean and even polished. A nice scarf goes a long way. It's really about investing a certain amount of time for your wardrobe. Take a look at Nylon magazine, the guys' edition.

I never wore maternity clothes, too expensive

2004-05-26 12:57:21 by debivc78

Unless you have a job where you have to dress up invest in some stretch leggins, oversized blouses, and long t-shirts.
Great excuse to raid DH's closet!
My last DD was born close to Christmas, lots of parties to go to, all required dressing up.
I purchased a beautiful pair of velvet stretch pants from the plus size dept and wore them with my DH's tuxedo shirt untucked. Hair up, pretty diamond collar button and shirt studs, I looked great!
Be creative, be open to alternative sources for clothes.

Enraged mom beats the crap out of kindergarten teacher  — Daily Caller
“If you're not going to stand up for your child, who is?” asked one mom wearing a skull-design t-shirt. Another mom in a Chiefs jersey disagreed. “No words.

Dickies Kids Dickies Kids Boys Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt, White, Small (6/8)
Apparel (Dickies Kids)
  • Placket front
  • Button-down banded collar
  • Easy Care
CAS HANWEI GDFB Round Collar Cotton Shirt (Black, Large)
  • Cotton material. Black color.
  • Hand woven product
  • Authentically styled
  • Fits 46-Inch to 48-Inch chest. Large
Joey Couture Joey Couture Boys 8-20 Plaid Collar Shirt, Sky Blue, 14
Apparel (Joey Couture)
  • Chest pocket
  • Nice fit
  • Machine wash cold
  • White collar

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