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Understanding the Men’s Button Down Collar
Business Mens Button-Down Collar Black Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Tee

Button Down Collars Started in Polo

Like some other menswear traditions still around today, such as hacking pockets or single-vented jackets, the button down collar was invented for a man on a horse. Specifically, it was Ivy League polo players who wanted to keep their shirt collars out of their face. While bouncing on a horse, it was easy for the shirt collar points to flap up so polo players took to wearing shirts whose collar points buttoned down to the shirt front. Because of its origin in sports, the button down is the least dressy shirt collar.

The Nature of a Button Down Collar

Though all dress shirt collars should be ironed, button down collars are actually quite soft. Some starch may be used to get the collar points to lay flat, but the roll of the collar should be soft and it shouldn’t remind you of wearing a stiff formal shirt collar. Make sure the buttons which will hold the collar points down are of good quality because they will be very visible – if you wear a tie and

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2007-08-01 09:57:44 by Bight_U

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