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Handsome boys wrinkle free dress shirts from Gap are the ideal accessory for the active child. Discover a great selection of boys wrinkle free shirts featuring wrinkle-resistant fabric for convenient easy care. Enjoy classic Oxford designs in long sleeves and button cuffs for versatile year round accents. Our boys non-iron shirts are also available in a variety of popular sizes ensuring a perfect fit for every need. Dress them in the smooth finish of boys wrinkle free shirts made from 100% cotton for all-day comfort and durability. Add some classic, easy-care style with boys wrinkle free shirts from Gap.


Tea Collection Boys 8-20 Short Sleeve Graphic Tee, Blade, 12
Apparel (Tea Collection)
  • Dress your tiger in a tee that he's sure to love
  • Original distressed screen-print graphic

Vulva Coveting in Islam

2010-12-13 00:37:22 by islamoKKKomiedems

Muslims are supposed to travel to mecca to kiss the keba'a vulva
muslim men dress like women, gowns, veils
Gay prostitutes marketing themselves always wear women's clothes, this is condoned
boy sex called bachu bazi, they wear female clothes and shave
as long as there's no beard, it's considered a female, thus it's not homosexuality
Muhammad was into pedastery
Prophet and penis hadith
Muhammad lifted up the shirts of his cousin and future caliph Ali's two boys, Hassan and Hussein, they of revered Shia memory, and KISSED HIS LITTLE PENIS

Social work, the inner city and appropriate...

2006-02-17 08:15:11 by thoughtsonclothing

I am a white male social worker who works with boys who are predominantly african-american. Professionally, there is no clear consensus on how social workers should dress in "the community." I tend to dress down rather than up, because I think it is good to minimize external differences, though this is shaky ground. I wear jeans, not slacks and while I stay away from hooded sweatshirts, I do wear sneakers and long sleeve shirts (no collars). What about a baseball hat? Is this appropriate? I don't wear "urban gear" but I'm curious what people think about "blending in" rather than sticking out

You bring to mind..about "ladies"

2005-06-16 12:30:08 by --00--

You made me giggle... thanks!
You brought to mind the "fact" that a ladies shirt costs more to have cleaned than an identical man's shirt.
Proof in point, my sister took her son's white dress shirts to the cleaners to have them laundered and starched before a wedding they were in. When she got the bill it was much higher than it it had previously been. She asked why and was told that ladies' clothing is more expensive to clean then men's clothing.
When told the shirts belonged to her young boys, the cleaners actually reduced their fee. This is a true story! Ick!

They were all dressed nicely.

2012-10-22 07:56:26 by dolceghoul

Two of the boys went in a suit(mine and one other). The rest with sweaters or dress shirts. He was suppose to take a group pic which we gave him money for, but it didn't happen. Had I known I would have taken my own pics. I did get to see all of them tho. Some of them I hadn't seen in years, so that was really nice.

Texans On Review Panel Push For Creationism In Science Textbooks  — Huffington Post
.. and nail polish (boy is not shown here). The school claimed it had a rule against "extreme or distracting" makeup.

Tiana Parker Controversy Continues; Legislators Say Hair Policy Must Be ..  — Huffington Post
Controversy continues to brew over an Oklahoma charter school's dress code banning “hairstyles such as dreadlocks, afros, mohawks and other faddish styles.” The policy rose to national prominence last week when 7-year-old Tiana Parker spoke ...

TIFF 2013: Daniel Radcliffe is as dapper as Draper as Toronto hosts a boys ..  — National Post
His girlfriend Robin Wright's casual look — cigarette pants, sheer filmy blouse and trilby — was a welcome reminder of the way-back days of the fest, when the stars packed a pair of dress pants, a pair of jeans and a couple of clean shirts for their ..

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