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Joseph Abboud Boys Blue Black Striped Long Sleeve Button Down

I bought this suit for my 5 year old son for my sister's wedding & he loves it!!! I had him try it on and it fits the size chart was spot on for my little boy. It will snag pretty easy if they are feeling all handsome & roll around in it...but I would definitely purchase again & again:-) So happy to find BNB!!! Awesome!!!

  • Good price, but a little thin

    The suit is a bit thin, the quality of the polyester is mediocre but for the price there isn't much to complain about. I bought this boys suit for my son so he can wear at my friends wedding. Despite all the negatives I named he was looking quite cute and handsome on the wedding day. So much so he was getting more attention than the ring bearer. Not sure if my son is really that adorable or if it was the suit. We probably won't wear this suit again. However the price we paid for this suit was well worth the experience and memory.

  • Perfect for the money!

    I ordered 4 tuxes for 3 year olds for a wedding and they fit perfect minus a little hemming for length! You can't even buy a white shirt for the money, let alone a tie and pants. They are darling.

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    DC Apparel - Kids DC Apparel - Kids Boys 8-20 Stoney, Black, X-Large
    Apparel (DC Apparel - Kids)
    • Screen tee
    • Basic tee

    I need your opinions

    2008-05-24 13:55:27 by Flustered_Bride

    We are having a less than formal wedding. I have my white dress with apple red accents. My bm's are all in floor length dresses with exception to my MOH, she is in a dress that is just at the knee in front and mid calf in the back. My FH and his GM are wearing long sleeved white shirts with black pants, socks & shoes and ties to accent the bm dresses. What do I do with the younger boys (ring bearers & my keeper of the vows)? The ties we bought for FH and GM don't come small enough for a 8 year old, 3 year old and 21 month old! What do I do with them? I want ties, FH says just white shirts & bl

    No you can't. really.

    2004-02-18 23:14:11 by herekitty

    "If a black kid doesn't want to be stereotyped as a gangsta, it's easy enough. Don't dress like one."
    white kids dress like this too. when you see them, do you assume they're in a gang? what about white fraternity boys in their identical polo shirts and chinos and secret handshakes? gang? or fashion?

    Buy small-size throw pillows

    2005-05-30 17:42:55 by notblushing

    In colors that match your scheme for the ring pillows (try Marshalls & TJ Maxx types places for the best deals). Sew on the appropriate ties to hold the rings or ring decoys.
    For the boys' outfits, presume that anything other than playclothes for a 3 year-old is a single use item unless they dress up for church every Sunday. You'll find a wider array of options in shirts than pants so go for khaki, white (if you dare!), or black pants. Places with wide varieties of shirts include babygap or gapkids, l.l. bean, and landsend. You'll find greater variety in polo shirts than button-down, but these may be too casual for your taste

    You're working for a cheesy firm, then...

    2006-09-25 13:53:43 by chinacat

    None of MY coders dress like that - even off work.
    the Renn Faire Gear and Tiedyes and Honalulu Hattie shirts come out on fridays...
    but then, I suppose we're not some hot young startup who's hiring boy geniuses and idiot savants, either.
    I Do, however know, that a suit and tie would alienate me just as fast as slacker attire...
    and none of our metrosexual boys, the resident peacock, or my own darling husband (who works elsewhere, but is a bit of a clothes hound) think twice about pairing a dress shirt with a nice hand to it (no Van Heusen phony dress shirts, here) with a pair of black jeans

    Shock Doctor Shock Doctor Shockskin 3-Pad Sleeveless Impact Shirt (Black, Boy's Large)
    Sports (Shock Doctor)
    • SHOCKSKIN integrated fabric and vented foam pads, secured by high frequency seams, move and contour with the body for ultimate comfort and protection
    • 3-PAD SYSTEM a sleeveless shirt with three integrated, ShockSkin pads on the ribs and spine
    • MESH PANEL in front ventilates this high-performance base layer Constructed wi... four-way stretch anti-microbial fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin
    Dress Suit Outfit Set-Shorts,Red Bowtie,Vest, Short Sleeve White Shirt & Hat for Infant Baby Boy, Black-White, 6 Months
    Apparel ()
    • A classy outfit with a vest, red bowtie, pleated and cuffed shorts, hat and a short sleeve white shirt.
    • Great for all special occasions-Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Church, etc...
    • This outfit makes for great portraits and capturing a magical time.
    • Your little man will steal all the attention from the groom at the wedding
    • Timeless and never goes out of style.

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    • Avatar Dr Skipper How does a teenager dress business casual?
      Jul 14, 2010 by Dr Skipper | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

      I'm 17, tomorrow I have my first job interview at Kohl's and they told me to dress business casual. I have no button up shirts or slacks, I don't know what business casual is but I can assure you I don't own anything business casual...

      What do I wear then? What would be appropriate to wear at a job interview if I don't own button up shirts, slacks, dresses, or suits, and can't buy any of these things?

      • You must own at least one pair of slacks. Maybe a knee length skirt is buried in your closet?

        Basically, it means dress like an adult. No excessive jewelry, no cleavage, no tight clothing. Be neat and tidy with simple hair and make up.

        No jeans, no leggings, no sleeveless, no thighs showing and no stilletto heels.

    • Avatar Dylan What attire to wear to wear to a job interview at Kohl's?
      Jun 30, 2013 by Dylan | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

      My brother has a job interview at Kohl's. What would be appropriate for him to wear?

      • He can wear cackis and a nice shirt with shoes

    • Avatar SarahAvery How should I do my hair and makeup for a Charlotte Russe interview?
      Aug 12, 2011 by SarahAvery | Posted in Hair

      I have an interview there at 2pm tomorrow.

      Also, I'm getting up early to go to Kohl's and pick out a shirt to wear, I have black pants and black flats, what type of top and accessories should I wear??
      …rst interview.
      If it makes any difference, I'm applying for a part time sales associate/stock associate

      Well, I'm basically screwed, I honestly don't own anything of their clothing, only accessories :x

      • You should wear like a silver necklace or a white bangle. also have your hair nice and clean, don't go heavy on the makeup and make sure to do your nails so you look all dolled up. Also maybe a green or white tanktop because you do not wanna wear too much black.
        i hope you get the job!(:

    • Avatar Johnny Can anyone give me tips with how to dress, and strategies for an interview for Kohl's?
      Aug 09, 2009 by Johnny | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

      I have an interview tomorrow, I know I have a pretty good idea about what I have planned to say for the questions, but how should I dress? Would black drakes skinniest jeans be fine? Could i wear a regular flannel from hollister or should I wear a white lacoste polo shirt, or a dress shirt? Vans new eras shoes? Any tips and questions the employers pose would be helpful too. Thanks!

      • Its kohls for peep sakes.
        Wear something normal
        wear suit and tie just to show that you look educated

    • Avatar Sarah G What's best to wear with a shirt dress?
      Feb 10, 2010 by Sarah G | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

      I bought a black shirt dress recently and I want to wear it, but don't know what to pair with it. It's cold here and I'm not particularly fond of my legs or showing them off. I love leggings, but I don't think black would go with black. So what color should I wear, or are jeans okay? I'm totally clueless because as a bigger girl, I've never really work too many dresses... It's from Kohl's by Apt 9. Thanks in advance.

      • White, gray, or any bright color leggings like blue would work. I don't think black with black works either ;) Jeans would make the look more casual. I would suggest lighter wash skinny jeans if you wear jeans because dr … dress down, but if you're going to a formal dance or date, try ballet flats. Any jewelry in the same color palette as the rest of the outfit would complete the look!

        Hope I helped!