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What is a winged collar dress shirt and how did it come about

The winged collar is a heavily starched short collar with the tips standing up and pointing horizontally. The collar tips resemble wings, hence the name “winged collar”. The winged collar dress shirt is a very dressy option for the most formal of occasions. The winged collar is comparable to the Gladstone collar and often the Gladstone collar (coined after William Gladstone the historical prime minister of England) is given credit as the predecessor to the winged collar. The winged collar enjoyed a fashionable period during the early 1900′s — the golden era of men’s formal wear. However, the collar slowly lost popularity due to the rise of a more comfortable turndown collar. The change in fashion has not entirely kept the winged collar in the archives; the winged collar remains a classic collar to have for almost any formal occasion.

What to wear with the winged collar

The winged collar is almost entirely reserved for formal occasion dress. Wearing a winged collar requires it to be paired with a tuxedo or a cutaway suit (also called a morning coat). A bow-tie fits the outfit and the occasion. More often than not, when a gentleman wears a winged collar, tuxedo and a bow-tie, he makes sure that the collar points are tucked behind the bow-tie. When wearing a less common cutaway suit with a winged collar dress shirt, a gentleman should consider wearing a cravat rather than a bow-tie. The wings of the collar will naturally be up-right; there is no need to try to tuck down the wings of the winged collar dress shirt when it is worn with a morning coat and cravat.

When to wear a winged collar

If you have been invited to a black tie or formal social event, then, being a gentleman, you should seriously consider wearing a winged collar dress shirt. Whereas a turndown collar (like a normal pointed collar) is associated with business and casual environments, a winged collar is strictly formal. While a tuxedo with a turndown soft collar looks nice, a winged collar is much more classy and a gentleman is sure to be looking the part. Another appropriate occasion to wear a winged collar is at weddings. If you find yourself to be wearing a tuxedo or a cutaway suit, then the winged collar dress shirt fits. Depending on the level of formality of the wedding, a winged collar dress shirts brings an image that recalls the golden era of menswear.


Atheists should dress in BLACK for Christmas.

2008-12-25 15:06:01 by springfieldhomer

All Blacks if possible STARTING FEW DAYS BEFORE 12/25 EACH YEAR.
If this is a trend, we can all recognise one another in the Mall, in Offices n any other places.
Black shirts, black jackets, black gloves, black shoes, black tie, black hats .......
No white shirts with black jacket.
We are not MEN IN BLACK.

You may not need a tie, but you do need

2004-03-08 13:27:59 by a-jacket

Even hip agencies have very professional dress codes, albeit very creative. Whenever we have a client meeting, we all wear professional clothing...the men in black shirts, no tie, and black jacket with black pants for the most part. Nothing preppy like BR. A dark suit that doesn't look like a suit (no stripes, etc.) also works. Make sure your shoes are shined! And dark socks. No pens in your jacket outside pocket, either :-)


2006-05-23 17:25:26 by SheezaMess

What you wear to evening office functions that don't require a suit, cocktail dress or other formal business attire. For men, a navy blue blazer with gray or tan pants are standard — you don't necessarily need a tie. Silk or banded collar shirts without a jacket are appropriate too. For women, jumpers, palazzo pants with matching or well coordinated tops work well. A black pant suit that can be dressed up or down is always a good investment for professional women, especially those who attend these events regularly.

My take on it

2004-08-13 11:12:29 by er

A man - in the interest of starting to wear suits - only needs 2 to start plus 4 pairs of dress pants/slacks and 1 or 2 sport jackets.
You *should* have a variety of dress shirts (10-15), but you don't need that many ties (maybe 3-6 to start).
If you enjoy bargain shopping, and have some good spots to do so in your area (which you DO) you can spend much much less than 5k for your work wardrobe.
Example: Look for suits at men's wearhouse - they have them starting at about $150, also Loehman's (my hubby got a wool pinstripe Donna Karen for $200 there!) and Nordstrom Rack

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  • Avatar Dr Skipper How does a teenager dress business casual?
    Jul 14, 2010 by Dr Skipper | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    I'm 17, tomorrow I have my first job interview at Kohl's and they told me to dress business casual. I have no button up shirts or slacks, I don't know what business casual is but I can assure you I don't own anything business casual...

    What do I wear then? What would be appropriate to wear at a job interview if I don't own button up shirts, slacks, dresses, or suits, and can't buy any of these things?

    • You must own at least one pair of slacks. Maybe a knee length skirt is buried in your closet?

      Basically, it means dress like an adult. No excessive jewelry, no cleavage, no tight clothing. Be neat and tidy with simple hair and make up.

      No jeans, no leggings, no sleeveless, no thighs showing and no stilletto heels.

  • Avatar Dylan What attire to wear to wear to a job interview at Kohl's?
    Jun 30, 2013 by Dylan | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    My brother has a job interview at Kohl's. What would be appropriate for him to wear?

    • He can wear cackis and a nice shirt with shoes

  • Avatar SarahAvery How should I do my hair and makeup for a Charlotte Russe interview?
    Aug 12, 2011 by SarahAvery | Posted in Hair

    I have an interview there at 2pm tomorrow.

    Also, I'm getting up early to go to Kohl's and pick out a shirt to wear, I have black pants and black flats, what type of top and accessories should I wear??
    …rst interview.
    If it makes any difference, I'm applying for a part time sales associate/stock associate

    Well, I'm basically screwed, I honestly don't own anything of their clothing, only accessories :x

    • You should wear like a silver necklace or a white bangle. also have your hair nice and clean, don't go heavy on the makeup and make sure to do your nails so you look all dolled up. Also maybe a green or white tanktop because you do not wanna wear too much black.
      i hope you get the job!(: