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Step up your game in men's dress clothing from Kohl's. Whether you're getting ready for a big day at work or a special event, Kohl's has the men's suits, vests, dress pants and collared shirts you need to make a great impression. Looking sharp has never been easier: Rely on Kohl's for tailored modern looks that keep you looking classically cool as well as up-to-date in men's dress clothing.

Make sure your formal accessories are shined and polished with Kohl's ties, dress shoes, wallets, belts and suspenders. Find classic and Slim Fit men's dress shirts to achieve the silhouette you want. Add layers of both warmth and style with men's vests and don't forget to stock up on dress socks so you're not caught without them. No matter what you're dressing for, Kohl's has the latest men's dress clothing for any occasion.


Rare Editions Toddler Girls 2T-4T Fuchsia Pink Black ABC Zebra Leggings set, 4T
Apparel ()
  • Fuchsia pink knit top with 3-D ribbon flower at neckline, "ABC" caption appliq...ffles at sleeve cuffs, over black-white zebra leggings with ruffles at ankles.
  • 94% cotton / 6% spandex
  • Machine washable
  • Pull-on
  • Rare Editions is an excellent quality brand and runs true to size

How to dress in business attire - TIPS?

2012-10-19 12:36:35 by gnarlytimes

I just got a job... I'm not sure why I'm taking it but it came to me and it might be good. But it's in a business environment. I don't really have the clothes... I used to work in an office and although it was lax I dressed in a nicer business casual. It won't quite cut it for this job.
What should I do? I'm about to go shopping. I don't like "suits" and wearing all one color, it makes me feel weird. I hate the generic looks, women look really bad in the female version of suits and dress suits. I am not against getting blazers though and I do love button up shirts with collars. Sadly I think a sweater with a collared shirt under it is not nice enough (unless I get really good fabric/quality)

Realistic budget

2007-01-25 07:24:20 by LV_RD

Engagement ring: $100
Wedding ring (female): same ring, same $100
man's ring - also $100
Wedding dress: $300
Bridesmaid dress (each): wore their own black dresses, i spent $40 on shawls
Flower girls dress (each): no children in my wedding
i did spend $100 on matching shirts and ties for the GMs
Venue: free, donated $100 to church
Rentals (Linens, tables, chairs, extras): $80 for FH tux
Music, Ceremony: free musician friend
Music, Reception: brought the computer and ran the playlist- free
Flowers: $50 at costco for rosebuds, all fi

Boys Toddlers Fuchsia Pink Pinstripe Vest Suit Dress-wear with Shirt. Size 4T
Apparel ()
  • Cotton and Polyester Fuchsia Dress Shirt
  • Pinstripes Polyester Black Vest Pinstripes
  • Polyester Pants With Elastic Waist
  • Faux Hanky
  • Tie
Boys Dress Wear Black Pinstripe Vest Suits Purple Shirt Tie. Size 4T
Apparel ()
  • Cotton and Polyester Purple Dress Shirt
  • Pinstripes Polyester Black Vest Pinstripes
  • Polyester Pants With Elastic Waist
  • Faux Hanky
  • Tie

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  • Avatar Dr Skipper How does a teenager dress business casual?
    Jul 14, 2010 by Dr Skipper | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    I'm 17, tomorrow I have my first job interview at Kohl's and they told me to dress business casual. I have no button up shirts or slacks, I don't know what business casual is but I can assure you I don't own anything business casual...

    What do I wear then? What would be appropriate to wear at a job interview if I don't own button up shirts, slacks, dresses, or suits, and can't buy any of these things?

    • You must own at least one pair of slacks. Maybe a knee length skirt is buried in your closet?

      Basically, it means dress like an adult. No excessive jewelry, no cleavage, no tight clothing. Be neat and tidy with simple hair and make up.

      No jeans, no leggings, no sleeveless, no thighs showing and no stilletto heels.

  • Avatar Dylan What attire to wear to wear to a job interview at Kohl's?
    Jun 30, 2013 by Dylan | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    My brother has a job interview at Kohl's. What would be appropriate for him to wear?

    • He can wear cackis and a nice shirt with shoes