6XL Black Dress Shirts

Black long sleeve t-shirt, sizes XL to 6xl, t-shirts-socks-underwear, Just Wholesale Concepts,
Wholesale PLUS SIZE M-6XL Men s Slim Dress Shirts ,Long Sleeved

Black T-Shirts - Long Sleeve
Your cost starting at $3.00 a T-Shirt
Buy by the Dozen (12 T-Shirts) of each size.
100% Cotton pre-shrunk with high quality material.
These T-Shirts are bundle by dozen and priced by dozens.
Also these T-Shirts are available in crystal clear bag, if you want individually bag, please request in your order comments.
Beside personal use, excellent for screen printer, heat transfers, embroidery, church, schools, clubs etc....

Sizes: Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL.

L $36.00 a Dozen (12 T-Shirts)
XL $39.00 a Dozen (12 T-Shirts)
2XL $42.00 a
Dozen (12 T-Shirts)
3XL $45.00 a
Dozen (12 T-Shirts)
4XL $48.00 a
Dozen (12 T-Shirts)
5XL $51.00 a
Dozen (12 T-Shirts)
6XL $57.00 a Dozen (12 T-Shirts)

Note: At the time of shipping, packaging and brands may vary or may not be exactly as shown.
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Port Authority Women's Long-Sleeve Easy Care Shirt, black/ light stone, 6XL
Apparel ()
  • 4.5-ounce, 55/45 cotton/poly.
  • Traditional, relaxed look.
  • Open collar.
  • Dyed-to-match buttons.
  • Adjustable cuffs

Good black pants, a great white shirt,

2008-08-07 17:00:44 by good-all-around

Raincoat, classic black pumps, black skirt, little black dress. Those are some of them. They should be made of the very BEST material you can afford, and be classic in style. I realize that black and white might be "blah" to some, but nothing stands up like a great white shirt with black pants for a "go-to" outfit in an emergency.

First buy the best quality you

2005-08-30 13:25:14 by can_afford

Make sure no snags, no loose thread,fabric falls neatly in the right places and fit is proper.
Choose basics that are easy to mix and match:
1. A crisp white shirt-goes w/ everything-jeans, skirt, trousers, under a suit, under a sweater, blazer etc. Very easy to care for.
2. Trousers in neutral colors that mix and match well w/ different tops-black, tan, gray, navy are essentials.
2. A black skirt that looks great on your shape-if slim-try a pencil skirt, if hippy or have thighs-an a slightly a-line works best.
3. A simple 3 qtr length trench coat
4. A black leather pump-a classic will last forever and is great for the office

These things look best

2004-08-17 09:43:00 by only_you

When they don't appear to be "coordinated"
Agree with Robynxxx not to wear matching shoes, or, for that matter, matching anything.
Camel/tan or brown boots, jeans, white shirt or t shirt - no brooch. Just wrap it.
You could wear it to work of course but the effect (for example with brown or camel tailored dress pants) is likely to be too studied....and you will end up looking like a sofa.

If you find yourself at a white person's Oscar

2008-02-24 15:27:36 by -

Party tonight, that's a good place to earn a white person's trust. An invitation to one these parties is basically your “foot in the door”.
Vocabulary is one of the first things to be aware of at an Oscar party. Never say “movie”, always say “film” and know which awards use the term “Best” and which ones use “Outstanding Achievement”. Saying “I hope Atonement wins Best Art Direction” will guarantee that you won’t be invited next year.
Attire is very important as well. Either dress in an fancy suit / gown or wear something that relates to one of the films nominated for Best Picture

Us S-l 2013 New Mens Luxury Casual Stylish Slim Fit Dress Shirts 6 Colors 3 Size (XL, Black)
Beauty ()
  • Style: Cardigan/Suitable for Spring and Autumn. Gender:Men/Male
  • Color:As picturer show
  • Size(Men's): M/L/XL/2XL
  • Material: Cotton Blend
  • Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
Cobalt blue and turquoise flowered dress on black background with damask ribbons - Adult T-Shirt 6XL
Apparel ()
T&LOL T&LOL 1PC BLACK PINK RED PURPLE TO CHOOSE Sexy Lingerie Tansparent Lingere lingerie teddies seethrongh lace Sheer bikini bottom Underwear + T&LOL bracelet (PURPLE)
Health and Beauty (T&LOL)
  • Condition: 100% brand new.
  • Material:Nylon,spandex
  • Sexy,fashion design,don't miss it.
  • Helps to improve sexual life
  • Include: 1PC + one T&LOL bracelet
3dRose LLC Painted Red n Black Dress Forms - 6x6 Iron On Heat Transfer For White Material
Lawn & Patio (3dRose LLC)
  • Heat transfer is transparent and should be applied only to white or light colored material
  • Material used for heat transfer should be able to withstand high heat.
  • Not true color until transferred.
  • Application instructions included
  • Washing instructions: Do not use bleach, dry on low heat, turn inside out

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    • Hmm... perhaps they are trapeze dresses??

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    We're both 16, and we'll be attending an end of year party for my student council. The event is dinner at a fancy restaurant in Boston, then an ice cream social and dance in our gym. The event is from 4:30 to 10 with som …may be any matching color or plaid. Please try to match the formality of your date's outfit. Consult your adviser if unsure.

    10 points to best answer. Answer my question, and I'll try to answer one of yours.

    • "Our adviser stated clearly that the guys are responsible for determining and suggesting an appropriate outfit for their dates."

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      Edit: That's one bizarre little obsession with school uniform that you have there.

  • Avatar hey How many shirts do you own?
    Apr 06, 2012 by hey | Posted in Polls & Surveys

    I own around 60 that are nice that I bought... Around 35 t shirts, 10 flannels, 10 sweaters, and 5 dress shirts. And on top of that I have about 15 crappy shirts that were dirt cheap or free that I use for housework, working out, etc. So 75 total, and im 18, male. Kind of a lot when I think about it.

    What about you? Include age and gender!

    • None. I walk around with my abs showing at all time to intimidate white boys.