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Lavender Love Day - The Bird and the Beast an SF Couple s Fashion

For some people only the best can do, and such people should always consider getting a customized dress shirt. To get the best custom shirt you may have to go to places but now the task has become increasingly easy for you, as all you have to do is, get custom made shirts by simply placing an order online.

At Cerise, you can get the best men shirts in the world. With the best shirts in design and quality, Cerise is not only famous among excellense seekers but it is also famous among people who want to reamain in their budget and still enjoy a look that can help them compete with otheres. With superb designs, our best quality custom shirts is certianly going to earn you success and fame in your social circle. One must never compromise on the perfect fitting and quality of their dress shirts because that will get you perfect image you want.

You can make the best custom shirt simply by selecting the kind of collars you want along with the style of cuffs as well as plackets and pockets. You can also get your desired back style along with split yoke and many other important elements that should be considered while making the best custom shirt. You can also have an attractive monogram on your custom dress shirt while choosing the contrasting cuff and collars for yourself.

It doesn't matter if you are tall, small or just healthy, because at Cerise you can get all kinds of sizes and styles. From party wears to office, wear best profesioanl custom dress shirts as well as casual smart shirts for informal get together with friends, we have the best shirt styles that you have ever enjoyed. Cerise offers best custom made shirts, which can satisfy you with its deigns, style and colors.

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Paper Magic Group Vampire Toddler With Cape Costume, 2T
Apparel (Paper Magic Group)
  • Toddler Vampire costume includes shirt, pants, and cape
  • Black shirt with red skulls
  • Made of easy care 100% polyester
  • Great for Halloween, costume party, or a dress-up collection
  • From freaky to fabulous, and from tiki to creepy, Paper Magic Group Halloween ...ssories are more humorous, more glamorous and more terrifying than ever before

What to wear?

2003-07-07 18:12:10 by nobrainer

I went to walk in job center for a large corporation. I couldn't believe my eyes. Have people ever heard of first impressions especially in the context of job hunting?
*1 Female / 1 Male: late 20's, appropriately dressed for a corporate HR office.
*Female: Mid 20's. Very vocal and loud. "Is there a reason I need to wait here?" "I didn't know I was going to be put through this." "My friend told me to come in and talk to her manager." When asked the manager's name, the bitch said, "I don't know, she has blonde hair." The best part was she looked like she just crawled out of bed, threw on a pair of worn out jeans and an old t-shirt, and slipped on a pair of shoes that have no place in an HR office

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