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Cheapism: Best budget maternity clothes

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In family portraits released last week of Price William, Duchess Kate, and newborn Prince George, Kate wore a fuchsia dress from Séraphine Maternity. It sold out within hours of the photos’ publication. At $79, the dress was tantalizingly accessible for commoners, who can’t go through pregnancy in custom-made Jenny Packham. But some might consider the price still too high for a piece that will fit for only a few months.

In a new buying guide, recommends a few places to shop based on consumer and expert feedback online. Expectant mothers can find comfortable, casual style for under $40.

Old Navy (T-shirts starting at $10/jeans starting at $20) doesn’t carry maternity clothes in all its stores but peddles an extensive collection online with true-to-size fit, timely delivery, and hassle-free returns, according to reviews. Shoppers snap up trendy pieces on the cheap and appreciatively note that the jeans retain their shape after wearing and washing. The ample selection extends to outerwear, activewear, and even swimsuits.

Motherhood Maternity (T-shirts starting at $13/jeans starting at $20) stands out for its enormous inventory, including more than 100 jean styles and washes. The selection spans from skinny jeans to wide leg and from stretchy side panels to a patented design that covers the entire belly. Customers report that many of the garments take them all the way through pregnancy and beyond.

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Target carries inexpensive maternity clothes, including a basic V-neck tee by Liz Lange Maternity that has become a staple for many women.

Target carries inexpensive maternity clothes, including a basic V-neck tee by Liz Lange Maternity that has become a staple for many women.

Target (T-shirts starting at $10/jeans starting at $25) has a licensing deal with Liz Lange Maternity, whose basic V-neck tee has become a staple for many women. They buy it in multiple colors and take to the reviews section of the website to laud the thick fabric, which doesn’t let bras or belly bands show through. The selection here is a bit more limited but long on comfort and value.

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Checklists like this one from BabyCenter can help you choose versatile pieces to get you through pregnancy in as few clothing purchases as possible. Start by shopping in your own closet. Zero in on elastic waistbands, low-slung leggings, cardigans and blazers that can go unbuttoned, and jersey tops and other knits that will stretch as your belly grows. See what you can find on your partner’s side as well. If she’s a woman, does she wear a larger size than you? A man’s button-down can be worn with rolled-up sleeves and feminine accessories and a husband or boyfriend’s T-shirt always makes for comfy pajamas.


Where to get stylish dress clothes on a budget?

2007-06-27 21:18:28 by TheHeavenlyOption

All my life I've utterly been hopeless at fashion, but I really want to re-imagine myself with a brand new main inspiration is the band Interpol. Very simple black long-sleeve dress shirts, black dress pants, and the like. Something that looks nice but won't seem out of place at a cafe or bar.
My question is: what's the best store to shop out for stylish dress clothes if you're on a budget? I also don't want something that looks too formal or business-like, and I'm worried that most stores are just stocked with summer clothes right now.
I'm sorry if any of this seems overly obvious but, again, I'm pretty clueless at fashion and I'd appreciate any help

McCall Pattern Company McCall's Patterns M2208 Women's Shirt, Dress Or Top, Pull-On Pants Or Shorts, Size R (18W-20W-22W)
Art and Craft Supply (McCall Pattern Company)
  • R (18W-20W-22W)
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  • Made by McCall's Patterns
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